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Character Customization :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 135 8 Tennis Bet :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 142 3
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The Sorority Sister Finale :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 32 16
TG Caption Contest- With Prizes! -Important Edit!-
EDIT: TG captions should be of characters 18+. If you want them to be a high school student, that's fine, just don't explicitly say their age. Deviantart is very picky about this as often in some part of the feminization process the character has no clothes on. I've had deviations removed before just for saying the character is 16.
Hey everyone!
So starting today, I am hosting a TG caption contest!
The contest will go until April 13th. EDIT: I will be super busy next week so the contest will not end on the 13th but on the 18th
The rules are as following:
You can use any image(non-nude)
The caption should be realistic/ non-magicalthe caption should be tagged with #anynomous1234altcap If you don't want to submit it on your own account you can message me the pictureThe image can be of any type(drawing, animation, real image, etc.)Don't want to make it as a caption? Posting it as an image and just putting the story in the description is fine (E.G. 
:iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 9 20
Failed LGBT sabotage :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 56 6
Saving Your Sister
You looked down at your phone. There was a picture of your sister tied up with a knife to her head, it read "Call the cops and she's dead, we're watching." You panicked, you didn't know what to do.
You waited at your phone for the next text to come in.
"Drive to the mall, no detours, we're tracking your car." The text said.
Almost like clockwork the second you walked in the mall you got another text. "walk into the spa." 
So you did. The receptionist spoke up, "Sir, this is a female only spa." She said.
But you didn't respond you just waited for the text. "Tell her you want the full treatment. Let her know you had your friend call ahead, order name "sissy"" You thought about running, but you knew your sister would be dead if you did.
"I am aware ma'am. I would like the full treatment. My friend called ahead, order name "sissy"." You told her.
"Oh, we've been expecting you. Are you sure you want to go through with this?" The woman asked.
You gulped. Put aside your pride and respond
:iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 73 7
Sister's Magic :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 145 4
Mature content
100k Special: The Bet :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 157 8
Blackmailed :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 190 3 Hypnosis: A Hypothesis :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 113 3 Dress up or Fess Up :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 166 5
Fraternity vs Sorority
The fraternity and sorority were at war.
The fraternity was full of a bunch of douche bag guys. and the sorority was full of spoiled girls.
So the sorority had a final plan to end the war and end the fraternity. 
It all started with them sneaking into the medical building, and stole a lot of knock out gas, They put it in the fraternity ventilation system and within 15 minutes the entire fraternity was out cold. The girls got to work. They dragged all the boys into the living room of the frat house, and stripped them all. Using home permanent hair removal tools they made the boys hair free. They bought GIANT fake breast and attached them to each and every single boy. They attached 1 month lasting eyelashes to the boys in such a way that if the boys were to remove them, there actual eyelashes would go with it. So even if they could get rid of everything else they would have to either be without eyelashes or have supremely
:iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 101 5
When dad is away, step-mom will play! :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 79 2 Wrong Room :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 168 3 Mother Knows Best :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 135 9 Okay, Alexa :iconanynomous1234alt:anynomous1234alt 154 12


Mature content
A Complaint Gone Wrong :iconcourtneycaptisa:CourtneyCaptisa 47 3
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A Sailors Love :iconlovelatex64:LoveLatex64 4 8
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Always A Bride's Maid :iconnapoleonxvi:napoleonxvi 305 20
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Ultrasissy :iconsandybelldf:sandybelldf 350 212
Another little teaser... :iconhofbondage:HofBondage 729 66 Therapy :iconjeanettentutu:jeanettentutu 35 3
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Night Out :iconmaddijs08:maddijs08 4 0
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Better This Time Around: Part III Finale Entry :iconcourtneycaptisa:CourtneyCaptisa 34 1
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Better This Time Around: Part II Contest Entry :iconcourtneycaptisa:CourtneyCaptisa 36 1
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Better This Time Around: Part I Contest Entry :iconcourtneycaptisa:CourtneyCaptisa 35 0
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Platinum :iconspyleader149:spyleader149 57 5
Leaci's Librarian :iconlyhoko:Lyhoko 12 5 Nothing at All TG :iconkenneth2willow:Kenneth2Willow 26 4 Justin modeling his new Easter outfit :iconpaul071868:Paul071868 8 1




Sorry it's taken me so long to release the results of the contest. Finals have been hitting me harder than I thought they would. Soon though!
UPDATE: I will be super busy next week so the contest will not end on the 13th but on the 18th, Happy captioning!

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This content is intended for mature audiences.

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EDIT: IF anyone knows why the preview image is not showing up in the thumbnail please let me know.

307 Hours Remaining- 6:00 A.M.
OMG, you would totally not believe how super busy I am.

Literally, words can't even describe it. Between my training and my two jobs, I have literally no time to do what I want. Which really sucks, because recently I've started to like the bachelor soooo much. Maybe it's just the hormones talking, but the show is really really good. And I found this new perfume that smells so pretty. I'm in love

Oh! I've always been a big gamer, and I probs found the greatest game of all time, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, it's goals, and it's on my phone!

All of the training has really shown. I can now dance in a skin tight dress with 6-inch heels, while balancing all my textbooks on my head, painting my nails, singing Taylor swift's newest album, and at the same time have a vibrating dildo in my ass.  I am literally not able to not cry during love scenes in movies and my ass looks fantastic.

Anyways, I gtg, we're all going shopping for bikinis because tomorrow is the KKZ bikini party.

Luv ya!

300 Hours Remaining- 3:00 P.M.

The class just ended, and I realized I must have sounded like a valley girl on ice in that last entry. It's really taking all of my focus to not talk like that right now. It became second nature to me, I talk like that 24/7 normally. But anyways, I'll just try my hardest not to talk like that in any more of my entries.

309 Hours Remaining- 4:00 A.M.

Today is a pretty scary day.

Today is the KKZ bikini party at the beach.

I couldn't sleep because I'm so scared of my secret getting out. I'm already dressed and ready right now, but none of the other girls will be up for a while, so I thought I'd just write in my journal.

I've been checking my tucking job, and as long as I don't get a boner, I'll be fine. I've gone this long without anyone finding out my secret, I can go another day, right?

293 Hours Remaining- 7:00 P.M.

I'm crying right now. Let me just explain what happened.

This picture I attached? that's me right before I got in the water. As you can see, it's pretty hard to tell I'm a guy.
Final by anynomous1234alt

But then I got in the water, and my bikini was wet. Still, it was hard to tell I was a guy.

Then, Hannah took her shirt off right in front of me, and I could see her massive boobs in her bikini. Mind you, I haven't gotten an erection in months, but all of the sudden it popped up, and all of the sisters at the party saw it. All of the sudden, it got really quiet.

My sister ran in front of all of the sisters and explained everything. I didn't hear a word she was saying, as I was just doing the math.

there were 180 people at this bikini party. 95 of those were sisters 45 were high school senior girls who were potential future pledges, and 40 of them were sisters from a KKZ chapter at another college.

180x 168=30240 hours.
1260 days
180 weeks
3.5 years
That was the rest of my college education

Suddenly Hannah grabbed me by my arm and took me out of everyone's view.

"I just wanted to make sure you were interested in me," Hannah said as she violently grabbed me and started making out with me.

At first, I wanted to push away, after all, I just realized I was going to have to be there for another 30,240 hours, I just wanted to cry. But then I realized something. From the very beginning, Hannah wanted to make me as feminine as possible. She wanted me to be like her. And it wasn't because she wanted me to be like her little sister. It was because she had a crush on me. From the moment I walked into KKZ, she had a crush on me. Everyone always had theories Hannah was lesbian, after all, she could have any guy in the college, but she never dated anyone. She used to tell everyone how much she wanted a child, someone that carried on her DNA, and now I realized I was the perfect solution to that. She is now physically attracted to me, and I can still give her a child. And she now just figured out a way to make sure I stayed a woman for at least another 3.5 years. She purposely made me get a boner. I wasn't sure if I should feel betrayed or honored, but I really didn't have time to figure that out as Hannah grabbed my ass and put me on the table to continue making out with me.

Welp, 30,533 hours to go...

30328 Hours Remaining- 8:00 A.M.

Sorry, I haven't written in awhile, Hannah and I have been dating, so I've been focused on that.

Everyone at the party took an oath that they wouldn't tell anyone my secret or they would get kicked out or banned from K-K-Z.

Now that my secret isn't a secret anymore, Tiffany, Jessica, and Britany can't make me do their training anymore. But I still have "boyz nights" with them as they like to call them. In which we do all the stuff they used to make me do.

But I'm writing this journal because the weirdest thing happened yesterday. You guys remember Mark right? The guy who basically forced me to make out with him and was about to force me to have sex with him?

Yeah. That Mark.

He showed up at K-K-Z today and started coming on to me hardcore, apparently he was the fact that I was really a dude.

I was just going to let it slide and tell him I'm not interested, but then He did something unforgivable. "You're a Kitch and I find that so hot,"  he said

I couldn't let that slide, so I came up with a plan, he started coming on to me, and I led him on,
  3a86baaee1f9a879292b5cfb60f0aa44 by anynomous1234alt

Right, when he went for the kiss I punch him right in the face and knocked him out.

Hannah and I were going to have a date, and Mark was invited...

First, we got his body hair completely laser removed. Then, we went and got the same procedure done on him that Hannah did to me, his voice became even more feminine than mine! It was the kind of voice that guys hear and immediately get turned on, he sounded like he should be the star of a porno.  His breast were way bigger than mine, they were like bowling balls.  And because of the surgery and laser hair removal he was out for so long! We got hair extensions cold fusioned on, and we dyed his hair black and put his hair in two ponytails. We got him as much permanent makeup as possible, but then we manually applied the rest. We put him in a school girl outfit that showed off his new breast. Then we put some cat ears on his head! He looked soo girly it wasn't even funny. We couldn't help but take a few pictures with his phone. Of course, a guy like Mark has no password on his phone, so we could easily make posts on all of his social media.He put a ton of girls through a lot of embarrassment, myself included. I wanted him to know what it was like. 
12599171 480891008787341 2103893363 N by anynomous1234alt

You know how I was sent to him with a note saying I was with Rachel? And that's why he came on to me so hard? Well, I did some digging, Rachel was the code word for a campus pimp, who would pimp out different girls who were trying to pay their way through college, So I had a great idea. Macy was going back to school to get a major in women's studies, we already hacked his bank account, we're in control of his life, There's no way for him to get out of this mess, especially looking and sounding like he did now. He couldn't just go to his bank and say he was Mark because no one would believe a cute girl like Macy could ever be a guy.But we weren't going to let him use any of his bank account money, after all, we wouldn't want Macy here to have student debt loans, especially because she has such a bright future as a porn star actress! That would just ruin her future. so "Rachel" has agreed to take on the full cost of Macy's women's studies degree, in exchange that Macy works as one of the girls that "Rachel" pimps out.

Ahhh revenge tastes sweet.

3 Hours Remaining- 11:00 P.M.

I was done with college, I graduated with really good grades and Hannah let me major in what I wanted. Hannah and I were still dating and going strong. That's when my sister came up to me with a serious face.

"There's something I need to tell you." She said, "That virus you got 4 years ago, that started all of this? I made it, I learned how to do it in one of my computer science classes, I planned walking in on you at the exact moment the sissy porn opened up. Mom and Dad didn't lose a penny, they were in on it. They didn't know I was going to go this far, they thought I was just going to put you in a wig and a skirt and humiliate you a little bit. They were still mad at you for the run-in you had with the cops the week before. But once they saw how much better you fit in as a girl than you did as a guy, and how popular and well-behaved you were, they decided it was for the best you stayed in K-K-Z."

My sister walked away. My jaw Dropped.



I ended it like this because I want you guys to decide how it ends. Does he undo everything that was done to him? Does he continue on with his life as it is now? If you guys are curious how it ends in MY mind, comment below, I'll tell you :).
In other news, here's my caption contest, please join in on the fun!
EDIT: TG captions should be of characters 18+. If you want them to be a high school student, that's fine, just don't explicitly say their age. Deviantart is very picky about this as often in some part of the feminization process the character has no clothes on. I've had deviations removed before just for saying the character is 16.

Hey everyone!
So starting today, I am hosting a TG caption contest!
The contest will go until April 13th. EDIT: I will be super busy next week so the contest will not end on the 13th but on the 18th

The rules are as following:
  • You can use any image(non-nude)
  • The caption should be realistic/ non-magical
  • the caption should be tagged with #anynomous1234altcap 
  • If you don't want to submit it on your own account you can message me the picture
  • The image can be of any type(drawing, animation, real image, etc.)
  • Don't want to make it as a caption? Posting it as an image and just putting the story in the description is fine (E.G. Okay Alexa)
  • Creativity counts! Don't just steal some other story you've read and change it a little bit, make your own story!
  • Grammar counts! Spelling and grammar are both important! It makes the caption a lot easier to read and understand!
  • If you want to do a hypnosis cap, that's fine as long as it is still somewhat realistic. But every contestant is limited to one hypnosis entry, think outside the box!
  • Limit to 2 entries per person---EDIT: I've changed my mind, you can now make THREE different entries if you would like---
The Prizes
  • A Copy of the popular steam game, The Witness (MSRP $39.99)
  • Access to my entire
    • "Anon, this doesn't sound like a real prize..."
      • That's cause you haven't seen my yet :). I have dozens of WIP captions that you will get to see before everyone else! Along with hundreds of photos organized and sorted that are all perfect for TG captions, on top of some other stuff!
  • 2 commissions from me!
1st place will get to have first pick out of the options.
2nd place will get to pick next.
3rd place will get whatever is left, or if they don't like the remaining option, a commission from me!

As well all 3 winners will get featured on my profile, so it is a great way to get some recognition to your profile!

Good luck! I'm super excited to see what everyone makes!
Excited by anynomous1234alt

What would you guys rather have next?
Sisters magic 2?
Sorority Sister Finale?
Okay Alexa 2?
Mother Knows Best 2?
Playboy's Playgirl 2?
Video Game Themed caption?
Another Office of all girls?

Edit: Dang i did not realize you guys wanted sorority sister finale so bad. I'll try to get to making it!


No journal entries yet.


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