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You looked down at your phone. There was a picture of your sister tied up with a knife to her head, it read "Call the cops and she's dead, we're watching." You panicked, you didn't know what to do.

You waited at your phone for the next text to come in.

"Drive to the mall, no detours, we're tracking your car." The text said.

Almost like clockwork the second you walked in the mall you got another text. "walk into the spa." 

So you did. The receptionist spoke up, "Sir, this is a female only spa." She said.

But you didn't respond you just waited for the text. "Tell her you want the full treatment. Let her know you had your friend call ahead, order name "sissy"" You thought about running, but you knew your sister would be dead if you did.

"I am aware ma'am. I would like the full treatment. My friend called ahead, order name "sissy"." You told her.

"Oh, we've been expecting you. Are you sure you want to go through with this?" The woman asked.

You gulped. Put aside your pride and responded. "Yes." 

The salon workers really went the whole mile. They waxed your body. Applied false nails and gave you a pedicure. Then they died your hair black and added in extensions. You realized, that your sister's hair looks very similar. It couldn't have been a coincidence. They put false eyelashes on you, but no other makeup. "Your order said not to put any makeup on, are you sure that's what you want. You're pretty recognizable right now." She said.

you realized you couldn't tell her to put makeup on me, because whoever had your sister wanted me to be recognized. "No thank you."

Then you got another text, "Go to victoria's secret." You started shaking. You didn't want to go in there, because two of your best friends work in there. But you did anyways.

"Walk up to Ashley and McKenzie and ask for recommendations. Remember if they find out what is happening your sister is dead. You have to make them believe you just want to dress like this." another text said.

"Hey Ashley, Hey McKenzie" You walked up to them and said. 

Both the girls jaws dropped. "What happened to you?" McKenzie said. 

"I decided to dress like a girl." You said.

"Whenever we had sleepovers you would never even let us paint your nails. Let alone this!" Ashley replied.

"I had a change of mind. Just give me some recommendations." You said with some anger in your voice.

Your phone buzzed, and you got another text. "Tell them you want D breast forms."

"And I want D breast forms..." You told the two girls.

So they got your D breast forms and placed them on you. Then they found some bras and panties that fit you. 

Once again your phone buzzed. "Ask them to take their breaks and come help you shop for clothes."

"I know you guys are busy, but can you help me find some clothes to buy?" You asked them.

"I already took my break, so I can't Ashley said.

"I can! Don't worry, I'll help you find the girliest clothes out there! You can dress just like me!" McKenzie said.

You sighed, but she grabbed your hand and led you to victoria secret.

You tried on dress after dress, and you were instructed to take a picture of yourself in each one and send it to the kidnapper. Finally, after buying 10 outfits, the kidnapper told you to wear one of the dresses that was all pink. With a pair of 5 inch beige peep toed platform heels.

You got another text, "Tell McKeznie she can leave. And walk to the makeup booth over there and ask for a makeover."

"I'll catch up with you later McKeznie, I have to go" You told her.

At the makeup booth, they completely redid your face. You were almost unrecognizable.

Then another text came in. "It's time we meet. f2f. Take the bus to the the beach. Bring a bikini." 

You get off the bus, look down at your phone waiting for the next text, when you hear a photo is taken of you.
Woman-410320 by anynomous1234alt

you look up, you were surprised to see your sister and her two best friends smiling.

"How was my acting, sis? You look just like my little sister." Your sister asked you.

"You... you... you tricked me? How could you? I thought you were going to die!" You responded.

"I was going to die. I was going to die of how boring it was to have a brother and not a sister. But don't worry. You've saved me now. Now, since you paid for that bikini, how about we put it to good use and get a good tan in. OR I can show all those pictures you sent us to all of your friends."

The End
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SFC78767 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017
Didnt see that coming.
jeanettentutu Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
Good story!
Bassa112 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
Love it
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hot story friend. Are you taking request at the moment? 
anynomous1234alt Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017
You can always send something my way. no promises on if it will be made or not.
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I was wondering if you could please do a story similiar to saving your sister, using a blonde woman wearing high heeled boots? In a miniskirt? except use a guy named Paul Runestone becoming his own sister Alexis Runestone, not through a blackmail, more like dare, with blackmail, by a mysterious couple?
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