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The girls bathroom - Story by anynomous1234alt The girls bathroom - Story by anynomous1234alt
Background info:
Lilly is a strong girl, she comes from a family of all boys, so she knows how to hold her own. She doesn't wear much makeup, but she doesn't need it.
Mackenzie was a girly girl, she loved makeup.
Anna is student head of the drama board.
Christina is a member of the color guard.
none of the girls are unattractive by any stretch of the imagination. 
It is after school on a Friday.
On Fridays the girls at school tend to dress up, wear heels, dresses, etc.
The girls are all staying after for the football game, so they have recently changed out of their clothes into outside clothes and are putting on makeup

"Come on man, give me my shoe back" Okay, go get it! With that James' s shoe was tossed into the girls bathroom, James thinking the bathroom was empty walked in. He was surprised to be met with his friends Anna, Lilly, Mackenzie, and Christina. "Oh guys, I'm sorry, i was just going to get my shoe..." with that he pointed to the left of where the girls where standing. there was his shoe, and then right next to it was the heel Mackenzie was wearing today. Mackenzie picked up the heel, "Is this what you want?"
"Come on Mackenzie."
"Put it on and i'll give you your shoe." 
"Whatever." He put the shoe on laughed about "Okay now give me my shoe. 
"You know you have a really pretty face, do you shave?"
"Everyday, now the shoe."
"I just feel like we should... use that face." the girls started walking closer to him and Lilly grabbed him.
She pinned him to the wall, they started taking off his clothes. James started to get a boner he had no idea what was going on, but he liked it. that's what the Anna said, "you know you would make a great girl." His boner slowly started losing the blood, and shock went across his face. Mackenzie pulled out her razor and cream that she carries around with her for "emergencies" and started shaving him. he tried to resist, but the fact was Lily was strong than him, and it didn't help that Christina was doing something with his hands. once had no hair on his body except that on his head, Mackenzie slid black tights up his leg. "I'll let you borrow my tights. "
"And you can borrow my Necklace" Christina replied
"And my shirt"
"And my bra" Lilly said. She was in a sports bra at the moment, so she didn't need her very girly bra. She didn't like it anyways, her mom was determined to make her more lady like so she would buy her bras like that. and they came with generous amounts of padding. the bra was snapped on, and the shirt was slipped over it. then came the necklace. When James saw his nails with what looked like to be fake nails he panicked. "Shhh James, you don't want anyone coming in here, do you? You know coming in the girls bathroom can get you expelled He calmed down and then Mackenzie brought over her pursed and dumped out all of the makeup. She gave him a lecture about everything she put on, why it matched his skin tone, why she used it, etc. but all he noticed was his image slowly changing in the mirror. "I'm sure I can let you borrow one of the drama clubs wigs." Anna said as she went across the hall to go grab a brown wig. They slid it on his head and Mackenzie started curling it. then she grabbed parts from both sides and pulled them to the back, to create a look on the front. "Well, I think you're done Jane. Time to go to the football game!" Mackenzie said with a grin. and as he was leaving the bathroom he caught his reflection.
hopefully she realised that being a boy is dumb and she would be better off as a sexy woman
drasul42 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016
Jane makes a pretty gal, thank you for your creativity :)
ShinPersonaMaster Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Nice story.
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